5 Ideas to Attract Attention to Your Events

Nowadays, event marketing is considered one of the best ways to engage current customers, build brand awareness, and attract new customers. However, figuring out the kind of events to host and how to organise them can be both taxing and time-consuming. 

One effective trick you can use to pull off a highly successful marketing event would be to make sure it grows organically out of your business. In other words, you should take into consideration the reason  why you are hosting the event, who your customers are, and what your brand means to begin with.

The good news is, once you are able to identify and organise an event that will resonate with your customer base, getting them to patronise your product or service should come easy. 

Seasoned events companies in Singapore may suggest the following ideas for those who are looking for effective ways to draw attention to their events: 

  1. Quench your audience’s thirst for knowledge

People love learning new things and it’s safe to assume, the majority of the people you are targeting are no exception. In line with this, consider hosting boot camps, workshops, and other events that bank on knowledge-building. 

If you are a software company, you can host workshops that teach customers how to use your product. If you are selling wine, hosting food-and-wine pairing dinners would be a superb idea. 

The bottomline is you need to be creative so you’ll be able to effectively impart skills and knowledge your client base will find beneficial. Better yet, you can enlist the help of events companies in Singapore to help ensure you are able to organise a unique, fun, creative, and memorable learning event people will talk about for months (and maybe even years) to come.  

  1. Be interactive

In most cases, consumers who are loyal to a particular brand would like to get to know as much about the brand as they possibly can.  With that in mind, consider setting up hands-on stations where your customers can see how your product or service works.

For instance, if you are involved in the software business, you can offer prospects the opportunity to edit video clips of the event, so they can see how things are done as well as the processes involved.

Also, apart from being interactive, hosting exciting and fun-filled events can also go a long way. For example, in an effort to make their annual year-end sale more fun and enjoyable, COURTS created a carnival-themed event complete with carnival games that gave shoppers a chance to take home really cool prizes. 

  1. Host just-for-fun events

Let’s get one thing clear: an event does not have to be directly related to the products or services you are offering to draw attention. For instance, organising a fun family day for your customers complete with inflatable bounce houses and snow cone machines can be a wonderful idea if you are in the family or children-oriented business.   

Another good example of a just-for-fun event would be hosting a family day in an open ground and topping it up with a free outdoor movie screening just like MovieMob’s drive-in cinema.  

  1. Do it for a cause

Fundraising events are a great way to generate positive feedback for your brand. In line with this, consider organising a concert or activity where part of the proceeds go to charities your brand supports. 

Undoubtedly, it’s way easier to promote an event if people know it’s for a good cause. More than anything however, hosting fundraisers will give people the impression your brand is also keen on making a difference and not just making money.  

  1. Satisfy people’s networking goals

Since events gather people together, why not host one that will give them the opportunity to mingle and get to know new contacts for networking purposes? Hosting an event at a local bar or restaurant might be a good idea as they are deemed cosy and inviting venues for people to mingle and socialise. 

It might also be a good idea to invite a resource speaker to talk about topics of interest and maybe have a cover band play upbeat tunes while attendees exchange business cards.

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